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Build prosocial teams

UpBeing helps teams proactively build belonging, psychological safety and connection: key ingredients for the highest performing cultures.
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Companies that feel better, perform better.

UpBeing for Organizations

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Low Utilization Rates

Workplaces with high wellbeing scores perform better, but most wellbeing programs don’t actually improve workplace wellbeing because they aren't used by those that need them.

WITH Upbeing

Make the Most of Your EAP & Wellbeing Tools

UpBeing is designed to engage individuals towards their wellbeing, because of this, it’s a powerful way to increase utilization of resources and support organizations provide.


Sharing is Uncomfortable

Sharing your feelings one-on-one can be hard - especially at work. People need to feel safe to share.

WITH Upbeing

Emotional Visibility, Without Vulnerability

UpBeing empowers your team to share as part of a group and with colour and visualizations, built to promote psychological safety.


Always a Second Too Late

Most measurement and assessment tools rely on point-in-time surveys and only surface existing issues.

WITH Upbeing

A Real-Time Pulse on Employee Wellbeing

UpBeing provides real-time information on employee wellbeing and actionable context into the challenges your team is facing, as they happen.


People Feel Less Connected

Employee connection - especially in remote settings - is hard to form and sustain, but it's essential for employee wellbeing and performance.

WITH Upbeing

Proactive Care, Support, and Connection

UpBeing builds connection by creating empathy, emotional visibility and a shared social wellbeing framework. Users can also add their support network outside of their organizations.

Build psychological safety

UpBeing is a free way to combat loneliness, build psychological safety and implement a culture of wellbeing at your organization.
Workplace belonging with the help of UpBeing
Peer mentorship with the help of UpBeing

With ease & efficiency

Whether you're a conscientious leader or a people-focused employee, UpBeing can be set up in minutes. Just share the the links to your communities with your members.
Emotional insights with the help of UpBeing

For everyone, from anyone

From budding startups and campus clubs to retail teams and corporate offices, UpBeing is for you. There's no administration or approval required.
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Enterprise Solutions

Get more out of UpBeing with paid enterprise-level plans.

Free Plan

The core UpBeing experience.

Set your team up on UpBeing in less than 10 minutes for free:
  • The core mobile app experience
  • Join and create public and private communities
  • Free forever (not freemium)

Team License

For organizations fewer than 50 people.

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Integrate UpBeing into your organization:
  • Community dashboard
  • Configurable team polling
  • Integration into your organizational data
  • Integration with your existing Health & Wellness tools and programs
  • Customer success support

Enterprise License

For organizations more than 50 people.

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Integrate UpBeing into your organization:
  • Enterprise, multi-community, dashboard
  • Configurable team polling
  • Customized organizational insights & trend analysis
  • Integration into your organizational data
  • Integration with your existing Health & Wellness tools and programs
  • Enterprise customer success support
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • UpBeing community API access
  • Standard BI reporting
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UpBeing is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging.  We are happy to consider all qualified applicants for employment regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, neurodiversity, protected veteran status, Aboriginal and Native status or any other legally-protected factors.  UpBeing has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and prides itself on assessing talent needs based on an objective methodology. If accessibility accommodations are required during the recruitment process, we will gladly make the necessary arrangements to ensure UpBeing is able to support all interested applicants.