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Elevate your practice

UpBeing gives you better information to care for your clients while keeping them focused and engaged on improving before, during and after care.

"UpBeing has elevated my ability as a coach and increased focus among my clients leading to better care before, between, and after our sessions. UpBeing has the potential to change the way we approach coaching and support wellbeing as a whole."

Mandy Wintink, Ph.D.
Coaching Expert, Professor & CEO @ Centre for Applied Neuroscience

UpBeing for Coaches & Therapists

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Low Compliance

Non-attendance rates for wellbeing care are as high as 60% while manual behaviour journaling is rarely completed and doesn't account for unconscious activities.

WITH Upbeing

Less Work, Better Care

UpBeing reduces no-shows & cancellations; automates behavioural tracking; and integrates client data automatically to generate reports on sleep, activity, media usage, meetings, and more.

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Lack of Real Time Data

Even prepared clients forget how they feel as time passes making sessions less reliant on memory and reflection.

WITH Upbeing

Real Data Leads to Real Results

UpBeing prompts clients to complete feeling check-ins, providing the coach or therapist with quantitative and qualitative data on emotions (mood, motivation, productivity, etc.) at a given moment and over time.


In Between Sessions

Clients often need support in between sessions but coaches and therapists don’t have the capacity to provide such services.

WITH Upbeing

Care Beyond the Chair

UpBeing allows clients to remain focused on improvement based on actions discussed with their coach or therapist in between sessions.


Worsening on the Waitlist

Studies show that conditions worsen while waiting to receive care.

WITH Upbeing

Care Before the Chair

UpBeing enables clients to begin their mental health journey long before they step into the office, so starting coaching and therapy becomes more effective and efficient.

Build client autonomy

Focus and keep your clients accountable between sessions and help them build their support network.

Automate tracking and homework

Get detailed behavioural and sentiment data automatically and easily to inform your plan and increase compliance.

Improve transitions throughout the client's journey

Improve information flow and provide a companion to clients on the waitlist, during sessions, and after when it’s time to wind down.
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