UpBeing was founded to improve wellbeing across individuals, communities, and society by empowering the people, systems, and technology we interact with to understand our emotions.

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Who we are

Think of UpBeing as your trusted wellbeing companion. It’s here whenever and wherever you are along your own wellbeing journey to help you truly flourish.
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What we do

UpBeing helps you understand what you do, how you feel, and who you care about through science-based tools co-created with psychologists and behavioural health experts.
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Why we do it

The goals of modern technology aren't aligned with our goals as humans. UpBeing empowers you to make choices that bring you closer to the people who matter most.

UpBeing was built on
knowledge & passion

A machine learning & human factors engineer and a SaaS technology & community leader realized that modern technology isn't aligned with our goals as humans. We're more connected than ever, but we still struggle to understand our own wellbeing. So, they decided together to create something that could truly enhance understanding and wellbeing in ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities with the goal of bringing emotional intelligence to the technology we use everyday.

Today, UpBeing is supported by some of the top institutions and advisors across the globe. With ambitious goals to revolutionize the emotion detection & recognition (EDR) industry, UpBeing has created a diverse and talented team who truly cares about enriching the human experience.
UpBeing is made of people who are united to build a more empathetic future that will infuse more emotion into our increasingly digital world. We hope to change the way people feel, interact, and support each other through technology.

At UpBeing, we are bridging the gap between humans and computers, between Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence and making people feel better, every day, along the way.

Sean Kortschot
Founder / CTO
UpBeing is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging.  We are happy to consider all qualified applicants for employment regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, neurodiversity, protected veteran status, Aboriginal and Native status or any other legally-protected factors.  UpBeing has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and prides itself on assessing talent needs based on an objective methodology. If accessibility accommodations are required during the recruitment process, we will gladly make the necessary arrangements to ensure UpBeing is able to support all interested applicants.