Feel, together.

UpBeing is an integrated social wellness app that connects what you do, how you feel, and who you care about.
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We’re in touch constantly, but we’re not connected. Meet UpBeing

Avery without UpBeing

Without UpBeing

Avery’s never been busier between a burgeoning career, a social life, and trying to do everything right by staying active and living well.

There’s so much to do that there isn’t time to think about how she feels.

Avery with UpBeing

With UpBeing

Avery connects her e-calendar and wearable data to UpBeing. While she goes about her day, UpBeing keeps an eye on her wellbeing.

UpBeing helps Avery find the hidden patterns in her life, without skipping a beat.

Pat without UpBeing

Without UpBeing

Pat moved away from their family and friends to start graduate school. They’re trying to understand how they fit in new environments, with new people, doing new things.

They feel far away from their friends and family back home – their support network.

Pat with UpBeing

With UpBeing

Pat joins their university's UpBeing Community. They use UpBeing to track their wellbeing and share their emotions with their closest friends and family back home.

They feel more connected to how they feel, where they are and where they're from. No matter what: they don't feel alone.

Jordy without UpBeing

Without UpBeing

Jordy wants to build closer emotional connections with their family, but they aren’t sure how.

“What if I say the wrong thing? How do I ask for what I need?”

Jordy with UpBeing

With UpBeing

Jordy invites their family to join them in UpBeing, so they can share their emotions with each other in real-time.

Jordy doesn’t stress about starting the conversation; UpBeing creates visibility, without vulnerability.

our solution

Feel seen.

UpBeing creates emotional visibility, without vulnerability.
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Connect with your support

Explore your wellbeing

Easily connect everything that shapes your wellbeing with automatic habit tracking, research-backed mood check-ins, and personalized behavioural insights.
UpBeing app interface with data integrations.
UpBeing social app interface

Cultivate close ties

See how your loved ones are feeling in real-time, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire proactive emotional support.
UpBeing community app interface

Connect to community

Find, create, and join hundreds of user-created wellbeing communities designed to promote psychological safety and sense of belonging.
All in one app with less than 5 minutes of in-app time each day.
TESTIMONIALS & supporters

Trusted, valued & loved

Our users are seeing the impact.

“What started out as a friend and I using UpBeing turned into requesting my own community. We all love UpBeing.

headshot - Luis

“I enjoy stopping on a daily basis and evaluating my feeling presently.”


"I love hearing about what is possible to come next in my attitude for the next few days."

headshot - Jian

“When one of us sees that the other is in an inhabitual mood, we check-in. We can't try to lie our way out of a heart felt conversation. We love it.”

headshot - Pri

"I look forward to the daily check-in!"

headshot - Moe

"It's fast and check ins aren't long"

headshot - Sophia

"After downloading the app, I convinced my long distance best friend to do the same. It really brought us together."

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"It was easy to use and straightforward"

headshot - Hikaru

"UpBeing gives me a casual way to report how I am and seek support when it feels difficult or a bit overwhelming."

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UpBeing is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging.  We are happy to consider all qualified applicants for employment regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, neurodiversity, protected veteran status, Aboriginal and Native status or any other legally-protected factors.  UpBeing has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and prides itself on assessing talent needs based on an objective methodology. If accessibility accommodations are required during the recruitment process, we will gladly make the necessary arrangements to ensure UpBeing is able to support all interested applicants.