Feel, together.

Gain clarity into how your feelings, behaviours, and relationships connect with each other.
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It’s hard to know why we feel the way we do

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We try to feel better, but we still feel down
In order to change our wellbeing we need to build awareness, understanding and intention.
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We’re in touch, but we’re not connected
Loneliness is an epidemic – growing and affecting all of us. Wellbeing is a team effort.
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We don’t have time to deeply reflect
Tracking, measuring, reflecting in order to make change is often challenging and time-consuming.
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We lack the clarity needed to make change
Habits are imperfect. Wellbeing isn’t static. Knowing where to start is half the battle.
our solution

Discover & share how you feel in one place

UpBeing helps you better navigate your life with emotional intelligence, empowering you with greater confidence, improved decision-making, and healthier relationships.
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Connect with yourself
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Connect with others

Build Emotional Intelligence

Check-in with yourself. Understand how you’re feeling with quick, research-based daily reflections.

Uncover the hidden patterns in your life

Connect your apps and devices to UpBeing to automate habit-tracking and get personalized objective insights into your everyday experiences.

Explore your wellbeing

Learn about yourself with a companion that has personalized context. Analyze your data and explore how in sync you are with your loved ones.
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Create emotional visibility

Better understanding leads to better support. UpBeing provides you with the shared emotional context needed to deepen relationships and truly understand your loved ones.
TESTIMONIALS & supporters

Trusted, valued & loved

Our users and partners are seeing the impact.

“I like that it makes me consider how I am feeling at various points in the day and why I might be feeling that way”

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“I enjoy stopping on a daily basis and evaluating my feeling presently.”


"I look forward to the daily check in!"

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“UpBeing helps me to pinpoint how I’m feeling in that moment”

headshot - Pri

"I look forward to the daily check-in!"

headshot - Moe

"It's fast and check ins aren't long"

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"I like the experience of sharing feelings and thoughts together to better understand yourself."


"It was easy to use and straightforward"

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"I love hearing about what is possible to come next in my attitude for the next few days"

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How are you feeling?
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