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A Study on Application-Based Behavioral Insights, Adaptation, & Wellbeing

Get paid to learn more about how your behaviors influence your wellbeing – so that you can take meaningful steps toward improving your wellbeing.


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Learn more by visiting the UpBeing website.

UpBeing allows users to gain actionable insight into their wellbeing.

UpBeing automates how you measure, understand and improve your habits. UpBeing empowers users to gain insights about their wellbeing, habits and behavior. The research team has opted to partner with UpBeing to provide better insights into how employees can improve their wellbeing by monitoring and making small changes to their daily behaviors.

What is UpBeing & what does their app do?

You will be asked to sign up and participate regularly with the UpBeing app.

What will the time commitment look like?

Daily activities could take anywhere between 2-5 minutes to finish. The benefit of the UpBeing app is that it uses behavioral science and AI to provide you with insights about your productivity and wellbeing, meaning that the time commitment necessary to participate in the study is minimal.

Throughout the duration of the research study, you will also be asked to participate in 3 short online surveys, delivered to you through email. These should take you less than 10 minutes each to complete.

Join us

We are seeking out adult participants (18+) across North America who have an interest in learning more about how their behaviors influence their wellbeing – and who aspire to use these insights to take action to improve their wellbeing.


Study participants will be compensated for taking part in our 8-week study. Throughout this period, participants will complete one online registration survey and two short online surveys, as well as log daily activity through the UpBeing app.


This is a unique opportunity to try out the new and innovative UpBeing app, a mental health and wellbeing companion application that is not yet available to the public. It’s also a chance to get paid for trying to improve your wellbeing!

$10 Amazon gift card for completing the online surveys


Complimentary access to the UpBeing app (estimated value $10/month)

What's in it for you?

Participants will receive

If you are interested in participating, then sign up now as spots are limited!

After clicking the button above and setting up an account, you will be sent the online registration survey and be granted access to the UpBeing app. This research study is capped at 250 participants, so sign up as soon as you can!

I’m interested, what’s next?

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is being collected?

The UpBeing app collects information about you, including behavioral data you authenticate (e-calendar, Spotify, wearables, etc.) and self-reported measures of how you are feeling throughout the day. UpBeing also collects additional data as you use the platform, such as browser information and your UpBeing usage statistics. Through your use of the UpBeing app, along with the online surveys you complete, the research team will be able to gain valuable insights about your behaviors and how they relate to your wellbeing

Is the study anonymous?

Throughout the study, only the UpBeing development team will have access to your identity – which is necessary so that the team can correctly associate and analyze your data and deliver insights to you. The research team will not have access to your identity at any point. Neither your name nor any identifiable information will ever be used in any public facing communication, or in any research publications. Only anonymized and aggregate data will be included in the research findings.

What will I gain from participation?

This is an amazing opportunity to try out a new and innovative wellbeing companion app focused on empowering you to create positive behavioral changes to improve your wellbeing. The amount of compensation is aligned with the anticipated time it will take you to complete the online studies, but the primary benefit to your participation is the free and early access that you will gain to the UpBeing app, which is not yet available to the public. For those looking to make positive changes in their life – both at work and at home – this study presents a unique opportunity to do this with minimal time commitment.

Learn more by visiting the UpBeing website.

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